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Program Manager

Dimitri was born in Irkutzk, Russia. In 1991, his family made aliyah, settling in Netanya. His career began at the research arm of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, where Dimitri served for as a project officer for funded scientific programs. In 2011, after completing a B.Sc. in Medical Sciences at Tel Aviv University, Dimitri moved to New York.  

Before joining GPG, Dimitri worked as a Grants Manager at Innovations for Poverty Action, an organization dedicated to discovering evidence for what works and what doesn’t in helping to alleviate poverty around the world. Dimitri also has experience in business intelligence and strategy, as well as educational content creation and production.

Dimitri resides in Harlem with his wife, Leerone, and spends most of his free time with either his daughter Izzy or his old and grumpy dog, named Norma.