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Monday, 18 December 2017

'Thirty years ago, this would have been impossible'

Limmud FSU Israel will mark a decade of educational work with young Russian-speaking Jews in the Holy Land with a three-day Jewish volunteer-driven festival of learning in Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat.

The dynamic event will gather 2,000 participants and will run starting Thursday through Saturday night (December 21-23, 2017).

The 10th Limmud FSU Israel festival will feature hundreds of lectures, workshops, presentations and discussions by leading figures, including Yesh Atid Chairman MK Yair Lapid, Labor party Chairman Avi Gabbay, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau, 20th Chief of Staff of the IDF General Benny (Binyamin) Ganz, Likud’s party member and former minister Gideon Saar , businessman and philanthropist Limmud FSU President Aaron Frenkel, CEO and Executive-Vice President of the World Jewish Congress Robert Singer, Professor Zeev Khanin, Dr. Gadi Taub, Holocaust survivor Shlomo Perel, theater director Mark Rozovsky from Moscow, and others. Singers Shlomi Shaban and Marina Maximilian will perform at the event's opening ceremony.

“Over the past decade, we truly have made a huge impact in Russian-Jewish community in Israel, which is one of the biggest communities in the country,” said Limmud FSU Founder Chaim Chesler. “We’re extremely excited to come back once again to Eilat, one of the world’s most beautiful resort cities, to celebrate our 10th anniversary in Israel with 2,000 young participants, our devoted team of talented volunteers, leading Israeli public figures and dozens of well-known lecturers and experts.”

“The World Jewish Congress, which represents 100 Jewish communities worldwide, is proud to share with Limmud FSU this critical mission of strengthening Jewish identity, community, historical memory, and engagement, both in the Diaspora and the State of Israel,” Singer said. “Just think: Thirty years ago, a gathering like this of Jewish activists from what is now the former Soviet Union would have been impossible. We are in fact one global Jewish community, and we are strongest when we work together and empower one another. The future of the Jewish world depends on us all.” Singer will also speak at the event.

Festival supporters and partners include Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Genesis Philanthropy Group, Claims Conference, World Jewish Congress, Sapir Center for Jewish Culture and Education Israel Way.