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В Израиле действует проект “Арт-Зеут”, целевой аудиторией которого являются новые репатрианты.

Главные герои спектакля Маринка и Ной понимают друг друга, хоть и говорят каждый на своем языке – русском и иврите.

Around 550 people of all ages attended this year’s Limmud FSU weekend conference Nov. 9-11 at the Blue Mountain Resort outside of Collingwood, Ont.

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG) has announced the second round of UK grants this year.

«Культурная Бригада» представляет свой новый проект: Фестиваль Санкт-Петербург.

Genesis Philanthropy Group aims to help diaspora Jews to develop their Jewish identity.

In 1894, a Jewish military officer in France, Alfred Dreyfus, was sentenced to life imprisonment for treason for allegedly passing state secrets to the enemy.

Beneficiaries of the Genesis Philanthropy Group's money will include JLGB, PaJeS, World Jewish Relief and the JW3 community centre.

Группа новых репатриантов решила ближе познакомиться с Израилем, его жителями и языком иврит с помощью благородного дела.

Moishe House was built from the idea of building community, being able to belong to something greater than yourself and to share in meaningful Jewish experiences with peers.

As the father of teenagers, I understand why many American Jewish parents feel anxiety about their children’s commitment to Judaism.

The little details mattered to Keren Khait. As the creator of Russian Restaurant at Hillel 818, the 22-year-old knew the annual event wouldn’t be authentic without them.

After selling out both shows earlier this year, The Old House returns for a second run.

В программе "Юля идет в гости" Дорит Голендер рассказывает о своем детстве в Литве, репатриации в Израиль, работе главным редактором радио РЕКА в Тель-Авиве и послом Израиля в Москве.


Hundreds of Jewish youth leaders gather in Kiev for the fifth annual Active Jewish Teens conference.

Вчера в столице Тюрингии Эрфурте открылась уникальная выставка-ярмарка проектов и инициатив «Неватим».

For thousands of Jewish teens and young adult leaders in the former Soviet Union, building Jewish life, connecting with one another, and serving their communities have become...

It is a strange time to be a Jewish American who grew up in Russia. Our historical relationship with the two lands is, after all, clear-cut and unambiguous.