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As a deaf 14-year-old living in post-Soviet society, David Novak faced many challenges fitting in...

Episode 53: Israel on the Brink - A Jewish News Podcast Special

The American Jewish adult population has grown slightly to 7.5 million since Pew's last report.

Выставка приурочена к 30-летию Алии из СССР – открытие в июле

Episode 52. Covid memorial and Queen’s honour

The importance of community cannot be understated.

Episode 51: Vaccine campaign and India Covid crisis

Genesis Philanthropy Group announced three new partners for its UK portfolio...

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has struck at the heart of so many aspects of life that were previously taken for granted...

Официально Израиль собирается «открыть небо» для туристов и иностранных граждан только с конца мая.

Хотя Израиль собирается "открыть небо" для туристов и иностранных граждан только с конца мая.

Episode 50: Racism and the Jewish community.

Josh Powell writes on how the pandemic has radically altered the means of engagement with young Jews for residents of the Hackney social action hub.

«Я участвую во всех проектах, которые формируют толерантную среду и показывают классность еврейской общины», – говорит Михаил Либкин...


Every year we publish the Forward 50, a list of remarkable people who have had a particular impact on our communities.

Episode 49: Prince Philip and holidays in Israel

Over two decades, Birthright Israel delivered more than 750,000 free-of-charge trips to young Jews...

Atlanta campers can receive grants to attend overnight camp programs including those in Georgia.