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Jewish Volunteering Network honours stand-out contributions during the pandemic.

“It is clear that investing in meaningful relationships between great rabbis and educators is a key to successfully unlocking the beauty of Jewish life”...

Episode 43: In memory of Sadie Salt and the not-so-great Jewish ethnicity debate.

Moishe House is "a place where young adults in their 20s come together and create vibrant Jewish communities."

Sarah Eisenman, the creator of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s Entwine program, which focuses on leadership development...

Семен Парижский о проекте "Эшколот".

Moishe House is opening its sixth location in the City of Angels, but the first for Jews from the former Soviet Union.

Episode 42: Bristol University and social media outreach.

Через 30 лет после начала массовой репатриации советских евреев можно наглядно увидеть, как она изменила Израиль.

Интервью с Машей Поллак-Розенберг.

Episode 41: Kuwait's Jewish community and Vaxi Taxi.

On Feb. 11, 1986, Soviet refusenik Natan Sharansky — freed after enduring nine years in Russian prisons...

Интервью с Диной Бердниковой и Анной Глуховской.


In December 1919, following a stormy passage from Odessa, the "Ruslan" ship landed at the port of Jaffa.

Episode 40: Campaign for the Uyghurs: what next?

Children in Jewish schools eligible for free school meals will continue receiving additional vouchers from PaJeS.

14 февраля культурно-образовательный проект «Эшколот» при поддержке фонда «Генезис» cовместно с кафедрой иудаики Института стран Азии и Африки МГУ...

A programme that has provided more than 800 children at Jewish schools with food vouchers...

A decade after the founding of the State of Israel, the country’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, approached some 50 of the world’s most renowned Jewish leaders and asked their opinion...