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Проект «Эшколот» приглашает на онлайн-лекцию израильского профессора искусствоведения Сары Оффенберг

Episode 31: Premier League and Covid impact. 

JPR study found London and Manchester had more excess deaths than local non-Jewish population.

In 2004, a Birthright Israel trip inspired Marina Yudborovsky to reconnect with her Jewish identity, something it has done for 750,000+ young Jews worldwide.

This Saturday is International Volunteer Day, a time to celebrate the millions of people worldwide who selflessly give of their time to aid others in need.

New data from researchers at Brandeis University show that participants in the Birthright program that provides young adults free trips to Israel continue even up to two decades later...

30 ноября Израиль и еврейские диаспоры вспоминают более 850 тыс. евреев, которых в ХХ веке вынудили покинуть мусульманские страны.

В это воскресенье, 29 ноября, PJ Library при поддержке Genesis Philanthropy Group проведет онлайн-встречу для детей и взрослых.

Episode 31: Chai’s £3m fundraiser and Israeli cancer breakthrough

Episode 30: Labour pains and domestic abuse

Организован расширенный бесплатный доступ в Интернете к курсам медленного чтения "Эшколот".

Raysn is a poem Kulbak published in 1922 while living in Berlin, its title coming from the Yiddish name given to the territory of Belarus. 

Series will explore the work of Yiddish modernist writer Moyshe Kulkbak over four virtual lectures Nov.-Dec.

Episode 29: Tribute to Lord Sacks

В ноябре образовательный проект «Эшколот» проведет три литературных онлайн-курса «медленного чтения».

Episode 28: The US election and Grange Hill nostalgia

Limmud Labs is designed to find young people like Brin, and “empower them to be active in their local and greater Jewish communities”...

The JPR report covers other key indicators of distress, including health, jobs, finances, relationships and lives.

 In the high-tech industry, Russian-speaking Jews have had a vastly outsized footprint.