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TV judge and actress front 90 second video called 'Darkness to Light' which exposes racial ideology.

Участники обсудят также вопросы преподавания истории Холокоста в виртуальном формате.

Focus has turned from long-term transformation to short-term wins, with fewer conditions attached, and philanthropists looking closer to home when deciding where to direct money.

Central Welfare Board for Jews in Germany designed send-home kits so young people could take part in workshops and discussions.

Episode 36: 120 Over 80 and kosher food aid

До конца января культурно-образовательный проект «Эшколот» при поддержке фонда «Генезис» проведет в онлайн-формате ...

Американский историк, профессор Йельского университета, известный специалист по изучению Восточной Европы и истории Холокоста - Тимоти Снайдер выступит в январе на онлайн-конференции Яд ва-Шем.

Despite the obvious difficulties, PJ library has remained resilient in the face of the challenges of the pandemic.

Episode 35: Vaccinations and JN Shtisel premiere

Belarus native Igor Litvin cares about the Earth. He’s also passionate about his Jewish identity.

Jewish boxing legend known as the 'Star of David' sat down with Jewish News before he is due to speak at JW3 as part of a series with prominent voices from across the diaspora.

More than 1,200 students worldwide have already signed up for the free classes.

According to a recent report by the Jewish Funders Network, a majority of Jewish donors are rethinking their strategies in response to the pandemic.

Forward 50 2020: The people we (mostly) needed in the year we (definitely) didn’t

Remembering the rabbis, pioneers, innovators and family members.

PJ Library team in Russia beat national coronavirus lockdowns by sending out for Chanukah a record 10,000 copies of ‘Golem’s Latkes’ by Eric Kimmel.

В Студии 9 канала Рувен Гринберг, координатор программы МАСА, и Мишель Герман, участница проекта "Натив". 

C начала Большой алии в Израиль минуло 30 лет. Кем ощущают себя репатрианты из бывшего СССР по прошествии лет?

The unprecedented nature of 2020 – with its losses and changing pandemic landscape – had the potential to slow down Jewish life...