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Babi Yar, a patchwork of ravines outside Kyiv where 33,771 Jews were executed by firing squads on Sept. 29-30, 1941, is the most potent symbol of the “Holocaust by bullets” in the Nazi-occupied Soviet territories.

The boycott campaign is more dangerous for diaspora Jews than for Israel, according to the chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky.

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), the premier global foundation fostering Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews, announced

It is all thanks to a grant worth hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Genesis Philanthropy Group, which will enable PJ Library to make an effort to reach Jewish families outside London. 

На краудфандинговой платформе Boomstarter прямо сейчас идет сбор средств, необходимых для завершения работы над новым фильмом венецианского лауреата

Russian-Israeli Mikhail Fridman spoke about the need for dialogue between Jews inside and outside of Israel, during an event at JW3 in conversation with Jewish Agency chair Natan Sharansky.

Мемориал Катастрофы и Героизма "Яд Вашем" совместно с фондом "Генезис" и муниципалитетами израильских городов организовали совместный проект для новых репатриантов.

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG) is expanding its activities in Great Britain with significant grants to Moishe House and PJ Library, two of the most successful global entities engaging Jewish young adults and young families today.

Two of the leading voices in the Jewish world discuss the current state of ties, their vision on future opportunities and the challenges of Jewish communities in Europe and beyond.

Ambitious proposal to expand ‘Moishe House’ for young adults is being made possible by grants from the Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG). 

When Maxim Shrayer traveled to Moscow for a five-day visit at the end of October 2016, his itinerary included a trip to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Проект "Натив" ищет военнослужащих, желающих стать частью еврейского народа.

Новый фильм режиссера Алексея Федорченко "Война Анны", мировая премьера которого состоится 28 января на Роттердамском кинофестивале, примет участие и в международной конкурсной программе кинофестиваля в Гетеборге.

Russian filmmaker Aleksey Fedorchenko is one of the filmmakers to watch.

Альдо Иццо – капитан дальнего плавания, который после выхода на пенсию стал хранителем старейшего еврейского кладбища в Венеции.

В интернете проводится кампания народного финансирования новой картины режиссера Алексея Федорченко «Война Анны», отобранной для участия в Роттердамском кинофестивале. 


The aim of the Eshkolot's Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas is to re-read classical ancient and modern books in their original urban context with live commentary from university scholars, as well as to re-interpret the city text of Venice through particular codes of Jewish literature.

Two months ago, Harvard University announced the start of a new lecture series focusing on Russian-speaking Jewry. The series will include presentations by an Italian scholar about Russian Jews in Italy, a talk about Russian literary culture in Israel, and a presentation about the survival of Polish Jews in Stalin’s Russia during WWII.

Two global Jewish leaders will discuss the current state of Israel-Diaspora relations, their vision on future opportunities to strengthen the bond between the Jewish people around the world and the challenges of Jewish communities in Europe and beyond.