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Тысяча молодых русскоязычных евреев со всего мира приняла участие в традиционном «Мега-мероприятии» проекта «Таглит», которое состоялось 5 февраля в Иерусалиме.

Проект «Эшколот» открыл прием заявок на 15-й фестиваль медленного чтения «Иерусалим на Рейне: евреи и христиане в средневековой Германии». Он пройдет с 1 по 5 июля в Майнце, Вормсе и Шпейере.

President Reuven Rivlin threw his weight behind plans for a Holocaust memorial center at the site of the Babi Yar massacre, in a meeting with representatives of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center (BYHMC) last week.

В Иерусалиме состоялось традиционное мега-мероприятие “Таглит”. Более тысячи русскоязычных участников проекта со всего мира собрались вместе, чтобы ознакомиться с израильской культурой,

A thousand young Russian speaking Jews from around the world participated in Birthright Israel’s main event Sunday night, marking seventy years to Israel’s independence and BRI’s 18th anniversary.

Йоэль Регев — доктор наук (PhD) (Еврейский университет в Иерусалиме). Окончил постдокторат в Институте философии Католического университета в Лёвене.

Just what is it like to survive as a little girl in a big World War?

Director Alexey Fedorchenko presented his latest film, Anna’s War, at the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it had its world premiere in the Voices strand.

A visually evocative, narratively restrained attempt to tell a World War II story through the prism of a Jewish child in hiding, 


A remarkable central performance from a six-year-old child carries pretty much the entirety of this nail-biting tale of wartime survival.

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), the premier global foundation fostering Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews, announced that it is awarding

Two of the world’s most prominent Russian-speaking Jews exchanged views on contemporary Jewish identity and Israel-diaspora relations

Babi Yar, a patchwork of ravines outside Kyiv where 33,771 Jews were executed by firing squads on Sept. 29-30, 1941, is the most potent symbol of the “Holocaust by bullets” in the Nazi-occupied Soviet territories.

The boycott campaign is more dangerous for diaspora Jews than for Israel, according to the chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky.

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), the premier global foundation fostering Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews, announced

It is all thanks to a grant worth hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Genesis Philanthropy Group, which will enable PJ Library to make an effort to reach Jewish families outside London. 

На краудфандинговой платформе Boomstarter прямо сейчас идет сбор средств, необходимых для завершения работы над новым фильмом венецианского лауреата