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В израильском национальном мемориале Катастрофы и Героизма "Яд ва-Шем" прошла презентация новых книг проекта "Дети войны".

Organisers estimated 3,500 went to Trafalgar Square to see new giant menorah lit.

From London to Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow and beyond, from large communal gatherings to small family get-togethers, the festival of lights has been well and truly marked in style.

Rain fails to dampen the party atmosphere as thousands join London mayor to celebrate the festival of light.

The famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble creates music by blending musicians from multiple genres.

USC Shoah Foundation and Genesis Philanthropy Group partner to create first Russian–language interactive biographies for award–winning ‘Dimensions in Testimony’ program.

The personal and the political collide in the late-’60s Soviet Union, where Jewish identity was in hiding.

A Ukrainian-born billionaire has funded a new giant menorah for the annual Chanukah in the Square event...

В #ЩедрыйВторник 27 ноября в галерее Триумф прошел благотворительный аукцион...

В Израиле действует проект “Арт-Зеут”, целевой аудиторией которого являются новые репатрианты.

Главные герои спектакля Маринка и Ной понимают друг друга, хоть и говорят каждый на своем языке – русском и иврите.

Around 550 people of all ages attended this year’s Limmud FSU weekend conference Nov. 9-11 at the Blue Mountain Resort outside of Collingwood, Ont.

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG) has announced the second round of UK grants this year.

«Культурная Бригада» представляет свой новый проект: Фестиваль Санкт-Петербург.

Genesis Philanthropy Group aims to help diaspora Jews to develop their Jewish identity.

In 1894, a Jewish military officer in France, Alfred Dreyfus, was sentenced to life imprisonment for treason for allegedly passing state secrets to the enemy.

Beneficiaries of the Genesis Philanthropy Group's money will include JLGB, PaJeS, World Jewish Relief and the JW3 community centre.