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The Jewish Week

The Jewish Week

The Jewish Week is a New York metro-based independent community newspaper covering news related to the Jewish community. Jewish Week's online edition reaches up to 400,000 visitors each month from across the world.

Write On for Israel is a two-year program held under the auspices of the Jewish Week, which trains about 50 high school juniors each year to use their writing to defend and advance Israel's positions in the media and helps participants gain knowledge to become effective advocates.

Beginning in 2013, with support from Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), Jewish Week recruits three Russian-speaking Jewish participants for the Write On for Israel program annually, and enhances the existing Israel trip itinerary with the addition of meetings with leading Russian-speaking Jewish journalists.

Each year GPG funding also allows Jewish Week to hold a cultural event for the entire community, featuring notable Russian-speaking Jewish writers and public figures.

Financial support for this project is provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group, along with Jewish Week, Avi Chai Foundation and other generous funders.

Goals and Objectives

  • Meeting Russian-speaking Jewish journalists and activists will inspire Russian Speaking Jewish students to begin their journey of self-exploration through journalism and Israel advocacy.
  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Israel and its history.
  • The cultural event will generate an increased interest in the Russian-speaking Jewish community as well as encourage mutual learning and respect between the Russian-speaking Jewish community and the Jewish community at large.

Current Grants

Past Grants