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Shalom Education Center

Shalom Education Center

The Shalom Education Center is a Jewish Sunday school that aims to create a culturally sensitive learning environment for Russian-speaking Jewish children. Seeking to unite the Russian language with Jewish traditions, the school's curriculum also includes math, theater, art classes, and choir.

In 2009, during a period of financial crisis for the Shalom Education Center, a grant from Genesis Philanthropy Group helped fund a portion of their staff salaries. From 2010 through 2012, GPG sponsored community Jewish holiday celebrations for the school's students and their families. The celebrations were led by staff members and featured active participation by the students.

In 2013-2015 GPG funding is supporting Shabbat and holiday programming as well as two new initiatives geared at teens and Shalom Center alumni:

Pizza Hours – These Sunday afternoon gatherings organized by teens and alumni, further the students' Jewish education and address issues related to identity and leadership through interaction with the alumni and guest speakers.

Bus Tours – Trips to Jewish sites in Washington D.C. and Baltimore bring together teens, alumni and their families to learn the Jewish history of this region.

Financial support for this program is provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group, along with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, as well as other generous funders.

Goals and Objectives

  • Support the Shalom Education Center and to allow it to continue its innovative programs for children from Russian-speaking Jewish families.
  • Encourage Russian-speaking Jewish teens to become active members of the Jewish community.

Current Grants

Past Grants