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Grants in North America

NJY Overnight Jewish Camps

NJY Overnight Jewish Camps

  • Grant period: 2010 ->>
In 2010, a grant from Genesis Philanthropy Group supported the development and implementation of a Labor Day retreat program for Russian-speaking Jewish families.

A team of Russian-speaking Jewish educators from Israel and North America developed the retreat programming in collaboration with the NJY Camp representatives, and NJY Camps provided the necessary equipment and counselors responsible for leading recreational and athletic camp activities. The intensive program allowed different generations of participants to acquire knowledge about Jewish family life and to participate in exciting educational, athletic, and entertainment activities for the entire family.

During the following three years, GPG supported the development and implementation of a training seminar for the NJY senior staff that helped them prepare for the arrival of campers from the Former Soviet Union and the North American Russian-speaking Jewish community. As part of this seminar, Russian-speaking Jewish educators introduced NJY senior staff to the narrative and history of Russian Jewish culture as well as to the best practices of Jewish camping in Russian-speaking Jewish communities. The program served to both educate and inspire the NJY staff in regards to their future involvement with the Russian-speaking Jewish community.

Additionally, to facilitate the campers' arrival and success at NJY, all pre-camp communication was translated into Russian and provided along with written expectations about camp and explanations of cultural differences.

In 2014 a new GPG supported position will be created to better engage Russian-speaking campers and families in Northeast US with the goal of raising the number of American Russian-speaking Jewish campers attending NJY.

Financial support for this program is provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group, along with NJY.

Goals and Objectives

  • Help Russian-speaking Jewish families identify with the larger Jewish community by introducing them to the culture of American Jewish camping.
  • Educate NJY staff about the culture and traditions of Russian-speaking Jews in order to create a more welcoming environment for Russian Jewish campers attending NJY camps.

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