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Mishpucha Family Camp

Mishpucha Family Camp

Hidden away in a beautiful New York forest, Mishpucha is a Jewish family camp where Russian-Jewish families come together to enjoy a magical weekend outdoors.

With the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group, Mishpucha was able to significantly widen its selection of educational workshops and activities.

In 2011 and 2013, Mishpucha provided young Russian-speaking Jewish families with an engaging and welcoming place to delve into questions of their identity and build stronger connections to their community. Camp programming included a unique musical Shabbat celebration, a number of exciting activities focused on a Jewish connection to the land, a scavenger hunt, and a communal artistic output. The 2013 grant also provided support for ‘Mishpucha on the Farm’, a one-day retreat that featured Jewish-themed nature and farming workshops. The retreat took place at Eden Village, a Jewish farm camp in Upstate New York. In 2014, Genesis Philanthropy Group supported the first ever winter Mishpucha retreat for 30 families, as well as the fourth annual summer retreat, which was held for 50 families. Additionally, the grant provided support for three family events that were organized specifically for the New Jersey Russian-speaking Jewish community.

In 2015, Genesis Philanthropy Group supported the expansion of Mishpucha Family Camping to New England to allow participation of 30 Russian-speaking families of Greater Boston area, in addition to the fifth annual summer retreat in New York for 50 families and family events for New Jersey Russian-speaking community.

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a network of Russian-speaking Jewish families who share an enthusiasm for the Jewish community.
  • Provide an engaging community structure where Russian-Jewish parents and children alike will be inspired to explore their identities and engage in meaningful Jewish experiences.
  • Encourage parents to raise their children with a Russian-Jewish cultural awareness.

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