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Grants in North America - Tzedakah: The Next Generation - Tzedakah: The Next Generation

  • Grant period: 2011
JChoice is a non-profit organization that aims to expand the commitment to giving and strengthen the Jewish identity of the next generation of Jewish philanthropists.

In 2011, with the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group, JChoice designed and implemented a series of programs for over 300 teenagers attending three overnight summer camps – Havurah at Tel Yehudah, J.Academy, and Camp B’Yachad.

With the help of their counselors and through an interactive workshop prepared and led by JChoice staff, campers furthered their knowledge of Jewish traditions and values, and engaged in group conversations centered around conscientious decision-making in the realm of charity. Children left camp with a better understanding of the fundamental importance of Tzedakah in Jewish life and an $18 gift card provided to them by JChoice and funded by Genesis Philanthropy Group. After arriving home, campers returned to the JChoice website to select an organization to support with their $18 donation.

Goals and Objectives

  • Educate campers from Russian-speaking Jewish families on the importance of philanthropy and giving in Jewish life.
  • Connect campers based on the charitable cause to which they choose to donate.
  • Motivate participants to encourage their friends and families to give Tzedakah and take part in community service.

Current Grants

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