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JCC in Manhattan

JCC in Manhattan

The mission of The Jewish Community Center in Manhattan is to foster an inclusive, engaged and informed community that embraces diversity and is rooted in Jewish values.

Genesis Philanthropy Group was proud to sponsor the creation of an Art Salon at the JCC in Manhattan, an organization dedicated to fostering an engaged and informed Jewish community in New York City. Taking place within the context of Generation R, an active Russian-speaking Jewish group that has been part of the JCC since 2006, this five-month program presented a cross-section of Jewish artists through a series of cultural, educational and spiritual community events.

Since then various events for all age groups have been held including a Russian language Purim spiel, a film night showcasing an award winning Israeli movie, literary evenings and concerts by popular local Russian Jewish bands such as Ljova and the Kontraband.

Today, Genesis Philanthropy Group is continuing to support Generation R’s diverse programs for Russian-speaking Jewish adults, children and families including Shabbat programing, Jewish holiday celebrations, Russian language film premieres, a rooftop concert and a Russian-Israeli opera performance and many more.

Financial support for this program is provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group, along with
UJA-Federation of NY and other generous donors.

Goals and Objectives

  • Increase Russian-speaking Jews’ interest in the New York Jewish community.
  • Allow talented Russian Jewish artists to inspire community members to continue their own journeys of self-exploration.
  • Foster a deeper understanding of Jewish customs, traditions, and history in the Russian-speaking Jewish community.

Current Grants

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