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Grants in North America

Ezra USA

Ezra USA

  • Grant period: 2009-2011

Ezra USA, founded in December 2002, is a youth movement working with Russian-speaking Jewish students and young adults in North America as well as an organizer of Birthright trips and post-Birthright programming for Russian-speaking Jews.

With support from Genesis Philanthropy Group, Ezra has bolstered its program offerings to its target audience and was enabled to:

  • Run Aviv, a leadership training course for young adults who want to serve as Madrichim in the Taglit-Birthright Israel program.
  • Recruit for and run the Eretz advanced leadership program, an informal Jewish education program for experienced Birthright Madrichim.
  • Host Shabbat dinners, movie nights, volunteer events, and Birthright alumni reunions designed to bring together young Russian-speaking Jews and further develop their understanding of Jewish values and Jewish history, as well as underline the importance of a vibrant Jewish community.

Additionally, in 2009 Genesis Philanthropy Group supported ArJEWntina, an Ezra trip to Argentina where a group of Russian-speaking Jews visited sites of importance to Jewish history and learned about the country's Jewish community.

Financial support for these programs was provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group along with the Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, COJECO, Birthright Israel Foundation (NEXT), RAJI/FORUM, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL), Jewish Agency for Israel, and a number of private philanthropists.

Goals and Objectives

  • Increase enthusiasm of young Russian-speaking Jews’ in participating in their communities, while continuing to expand their Jewish knowledge.
  • Foster a deeper understanding of Jewish customs, traditions, and history in the young Russian-speaking Jewish community.

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