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Detroit RSJ Community

Detroit RSJ Community

In September 2012, the Michigan Association of Russian Speaking Jewry in America organized a Rosh Hashanah celebration for three generations of Russian-speaking Jews living in Metropolitan Detroit.

Many kids and teenagers were introduced to this Jewish holiday for the first time, as part of this program, organized with the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group. The celebration included a presentation by Moshe Khusid, a renowned German-born and Russian-trained film director, who showed his animated children's film 'Zelot,' a performance of Jewish-themed songs by Detroit-area Russian Jewish children's choir 'Vesna,' and a speech by a local JCC representative, who introduced attendees to several local Jewish community initiatives.

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote and encourage active participation of Russian-speaking Jews in cultural Jewish events.
  • Promote active participation of kids and teenagers in learning about their Jewish heritage.
  • Unite the Russian-speaking Jewish community of Michigan with a multi-generational Jewish holiday celebration.

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