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  • Grant period: 2009-2013
DAVAI! is a community based, not-for-profit organization whose goal it is to build strong Jewish identity and leadership skills within the Russian-speaking Jewish community by providing appropriate social and educational programs that appeal to a variety of interests.

In 2009, Genesis Philanthropy Group supported a heritage travel program where young adults from Philadelphia and Chicago traveled to places of Jewish significance in Spain and Gibraltar, and had a first-hand opportunity to connect with Jewish history as well as the European Jewish community. The young Philadelphians who participated in that trip decided to continue on their path of Jewish learning and formed DAVAI! upon their return.

Between 2011 and 2013, Genesis Philanthropy Group supported the following DAVAI! programs:

The Philly Israel Fellowship - an eight week seminar on a variety of topics related to Judaism followed by a 12-day trip to Israel.
Mitbachon - subsidies allowing DAVAI! members to attend this annual all-American Shabbaton.
Hatikva - an ongoing leadership development program.
Mazal Tov - family programming increasing the involvement of young Russian-speaking Jewish families in Jewish life in Philadelphia.

Financial support for this program was provided by Genesis Philanthropy Group, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and other generous donors.

Goals and Objectives

  • Increase awareness of Philadelphia’s young Russian-speaking Jewish community and how to engage it.
  • Build and unite the Philadelphia young adult Russian Jewish community by attracting new members through a series of educational and social opportunities.
  • Educate DAVAI! members about Jewish history, traditions, and heritage, in order to help them advance their Jewish knowledge and develop their Jewish identity based on shared experiences as immigrants from the Former Soviet Union.

Current Grants

Past Grants