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Unifight for Southern Israel Children

Unifight for Southern Israel Children

Non-profit youth sport organization "Unifight Haifa" has initiated a special project that aims to to provide relief to the children of southern Israel, who were confined to their homes for more than ten days under a constant barrage of rockets and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip, without any schooling or recreational activities, during the military operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012.

In peaceful time, "Unifight Haifa" organizes the well-known J-Sport Jewish youth summer camps and develops a wide range of martial arts after-school activities for the children of the northern Israeli city – Haifa.

During the hard days of the "Pillar of Defense," Unifight-Haifa initiated a sports and recreation camp intended for the rehabilitation of the children and strengthening their Jewish spirit. 85 children ages 8-15 from the cities of Ashkelon, Ashdod and southern Israel, accompanied by 15 adult trainers, participated in the camp.

The three-day camp aimed to provide the kids with an opportunity to relieve their tension and to spend a few days in northern Israel away from sirens and explosions. The camp offered the participants an intense and interesting program of sports, educational and cultural activities that combined training sessions together with the young sportsmen from Haifa, meetings with educational experts, visits to the museums that celebrate Israeli martial valor and the ingenuity of the Jewish people, and nature hikes.

Throughout the camp, children met with professionals, visited notable sites-museums associated with the heroism of the Israeli army (Golani Museum) and the achievements of the Jewish people ("Technoda" museum), pleasant nature sites of Israel and also had an evening practice and group work with psychologists.

In addition to Genesis Fund, Municipality of Haifa and the municipalities of Ashdod and Ashkelon have taken part in this initiative.

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