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The Mikro Theater

The Mikro Theater

Mikro Theater, established in Jerusalem in 1994, performs at the Khan Theater, one of the central venues of the Israeli capital. The theater's repertoire is comprised of the works of Russian and Western European literature with a Jewish theme. In order to bring these works closer to their audience, Mikro Theater creates original stage adaptations of these works in new Hebrew translations.

With the help of a grant from Genesis Philanthropy Group, the theater brought its plays to six Israeli cities that have significant concentrations of Russian speakers:

  • Enemies: A Love Story, in Tel Aviv and Afula;
  • Vows: Joseph, Son of Jacob, in Haifa;
  • The Wise Men of Helm, in Jerusalem and Nazareth;
  • Chekhov's Last Love, (in Russian), in Ashdod.

Each performance is followed by a meeting with the actors, directors and others involved in the production.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Introduce the Mikro Theater to those Israeli communities with significant number of Russian speakers.
  • Help Israelis from the FSU learn about their roots.


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