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The IDF - a Different Look

The IDF - a Different Look

The IDF is one of Israeli society's most prominent institutions, influencing the country's economy, culture and political scene. Moreover, the IDF constitutes a reflection of Israeli society, given that the majority of the population serves in the army.

"Astra Art", a Russian film-making company, produced two documentary films in Russian, telling the story of the IDF from an unique perspective.

Commonly, military personnel and those who serve in the Israeli army in particular, are perceived as "war machines" with no human emotion.

Therefore, the goal of these documentary films is not only to introduce viewers to the exceptional case of women's role in the IDF, but also to promote a positive image of the IDF.

This film focuses on unique personal stories of women serving in various units, and in a wide range of ranks. Furthermore, the film describes the progress of women's status in the IDF over the years along with the development of Israeli society.

Goals and Objectives

  • Allow a glimpse into the IDF's numerous regular units, emphasizing its human and social approach, that differs from other armed forces worldwide.
  • Introduce viewers to the exceptional case of women's roles in the IDF.

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