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Tevel b'Tzedek: Tikkun Olam Service

Tevel b'Tzedek: Tikkun Olam Service

Tevel b'Tzedek is an Israel based non-profit organization promoting social and environmental justice and bringing the idea of Tikkun Olam to the world.

Its mission is to create a community of Israeli and Diaspora Jews engaging in the urgent issues of global poverty, marginalization and environmental devastation from a place of deep commitment to the Jewish people and their ethical and spiritual traditions.

Twice a year, Tevel b'Tzedek (TbT) sends groups of volunteers from Israel and the Diaspora to Nepal for an intensive four-month learning service program. Participants take part in a one-month orientation program that includes Nepali language instruction and studies focused on social justice in the Jewish tradition, poverty and globalization and practical training. During the three month service period, participants work in impoverished Nepalese communities in the fields of agriculture, youth, education, and women's empowerment, with the guidance of Tevel b'Tzedek's local staff. Tevel b'Tzedek's unique service model enables volunteers to participate in sustainable development programs which are implemented by the staff in the field, year-round.

The program brings together participants from across different sectors of Israeli society and Jews from all denominations and beliefs, who participate together in a non-coercive atmosphere, celebrating Jewish tradition, holidays and Shabbat.

The 12th cohort that started in October 2012, thanks to Genesis Philanhropy Group, for the first time includes two Russian-speaking Israelis.

The Tikkun Olam program is supported by the Pears Foundation, Rochlin Family Foundation, Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, Lester and Edna Shapiro Family Foundation, Morningstar Foundation, Repair the World, Everette Foundation, The Joseph Meyerhoff Fund, Philip Wachs, Jonathan Lopatin, Schusterman Family Foundation, Global Hunger Foundation , MASHAV (The Israeli Foreign Ministry) and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and Objectives

  • Create and educate a new generation of Jewish and Israeli social activists who are both deeply rooted in the Jewish tradition of social justice and understand how our world is interconnected, and have had significant direct experience working in impoverished communities. We aspire to spark within them a lifelong commitment to social activism and Tikkun Olam.
  • Attract Russian-speaking Israelis and North American Jews to take part in the program, for the benefit of their experience and identity as Russian Jews and Russian speaking Israelis, as well as the benefit of the diversity and experience of the entire group.

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