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“Sea in Jerusalem” – An Art Festival produced by the Mystorin Theater

“Sea in Jerusalem” – An Art Festival produced by the Mystorin Theater

Since 2005, the Mystorin Theater Group has brought the beauty of Jewish texts to Israeli and international audiences, creating unique theatrical poetry that can be understood by speakers of all languages.

Today, the group encompasses artists that are Israeli-born, as well as immigrants from the FSU.The combination of their unique perspectives, based on their personal background, gives new insight into the sophisticated world of Jewish spirituality.

The project "Sea in Jerusalem" is the product of an exceptional collaboration between Mystorin and a group of Russian-speaking artists who have been working together for four months, learning Jewish and Russian texts in a creative beit midrash and have created a joint cultural event, reflecting this experience.

The project concluded with an outdoor cultural festival that presented the work of the group in the heart of Jerusalem. This artistic dialogue with the audience took place against the backdrop of Jerusalem's narrow alleys and old stone buildings bringing the mythical essence of Jerusalem into everyday reality. Approximately 3,000 people attended the event during two consecutive days. Audiences belonged to many diverse social groups – Ultra-orthodox, religious, secular, immigrants, tourists and so forth.

The "Sea in Jerusalem" project was supported by the Jerusalem Development Authority, Jerusalem Municipality, Jerusalem Foundation and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and Objectives

  • Integrate the unique Russian- Jewish- Israeli voice into Israeli cultural dialogue and make the Russian- Jewish- Israeli cultural phenomenon public.
  • Create a cultural event in a public space connected to Jewish culture, which will be open to all audiences, free of charge.
  • Bring together a group of prominent Russian speaking Israeli artists and engage them in a joint creative process inspired by Jewish texts, by offering them a stage in the public space, in a central location in Jerusalem.

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