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Open University of Israel: Online academic Jewish and Israel studies textbooks in Russian

Open University of Israel: Online academic Jewish and Israel studies textbooks in Russian

The Open University of Israel (OUI) initiated a project to provide free access to academic Jewish Studies and Israel Studies textbooks availible in the Russian language  via the Internet.

OUI is known for developing high-quality academic materials worldwide.

In the frame of this project, the four courses selected for the pilot stage of this project are:

  • National Security and Democracy in Israel
  • Ashkenazi Hasidism in the History of Jewish Thought
  • Ethiopia: Islam, Judaism and Christianity
  • Jews and Christians in Western Europe: Encounter between Cultures in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

These four courses have all been popular in the past among Russian-speaking students. This project allows the courses to become available for a wider audience. In their digitized format online, the texts will be searchable and availible for free access and free use by Russian-speakers around the world. The courses will also be accessible by smart phones and tablets using built-in web browsers.

From an academic perspective, these courses represent different historical periods. One course relates to Ancient History, one to the Middle Ages and one to the Modern Age, while also including a course in Jewish Philosophy. These courses form a core course load with a logical interrelationship.

The project is supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide interested Russian-speaking individuals with free, online access to academic materials in the fields of Jewish Studies and Israel Studies.
  • Make OUI materials a leading source of knowledge for Russian-speakers interested in Jewish Studies and Israel Studies.

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