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Neot Kedumim

Neot Kedumim

Neot Kedumim, the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel, is located halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

A visit to Neot Kedumim provides a glimpse of the early landscape of Israel, complete with vineyards, orchards, ponds, variety of wild plants, agricultural installations, and archeological finds, as described in the Torah and Talmud. Visitors can truly experience the variety of natural phenomena that characterize the Land of Israel, those which have always been, and continue to be a critical element in the legacy of the Jewish people. Neot Kedumim provides all of this to its visitors through guided tours and a range of activities for students and adults from around Israel and all across the world.

Neot Kedumim offers endless opportunities to connect visitors to their heritage, through hands-on innovative programming for guests of all ages and backgrounds. Since the Russian speaking audience are not familiar with this exceptional site, the genesis grant allowed to develop a new curricula & basis for an educational platform for Russian speakers in Neot Kedumim, through an Adaptation of the Curricula to the various groups and general audience from Israel and the FSU.

The projects also aims to train professional 'Cadre' of Russian speaking tour guides – for guiding and integrating educational activities in the heritage tours for Russian speakers from Israel and the FSU.

Goals and objectives

  • Create an educational basis that strengthens Jewish identity by introducing participants to the ancient Land of Israel, the Jewish sources and the ecology of Israel. 
  • Develop a generation of young Jewish leaders from Jewish communities in the FSU and Israel.
  • Prepare the basis for an educational platform for Russian speakers.
  • Preserve the heritage and the roots of Jewish culture.
  • Provide a feeling of life at one with nature – a sense that is sorely lacking in the modern world.
  • Strengthen Jewish identity and deep connection to Israel via visiting Neot Kedumim and participating in the "Beit Midrash of Nature" and other activities.

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