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Masa Mibereshit - A Journey Through Israel

Masa Mibereshit - A Journey Through Israel

The program aims to clarify and strengthen the Jewish, Israeli and Zionist identity of Israeli young adults through a moving journey all around the country.

The week-long program is based on an educational tour, which incorporates some 20,000 students and soldiers. Its goal is to strengthen the participants' connection, belonging and responsibility to the Jewish people, the State and land of Israel.

In 2009, the Mibereshit organization with GPG's support started a special program "MASA-Genesis – a Journey Through Israel", a special educational tour for 11th and 12th grade students, the majority of whom are from Russian-speaking families. Over 4,500 teenagers participated in the "Masa Genesis" program so far, with approximately 1,700 participants annually.

"The Masa" journey moves from the periphery of Israel, through the center of the country, towards the pinnacle in Jerusalem. Each of the six days of the Masa has its own unique "Identity" theme. The student stands in the center and evaluates his identity and connection to each concentric circle of it: Me and Myself, Me and the Group/Community and National circles – the people, land and State of Israel. The concentric circles move from the simple and personal-oriented factors towards the more complicated and national-oriented.

A professional evaluation conducted by the Mashav (Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation) showed that the program is highly effective for both mixed and homogeneous (only FSU-born students) groups of students.

In 2011, the program was brought under a unified umbrella of programs that support educational projects for the IDF.

Masa Mibereshit receives financial support from Genesis Philanthropy Group, the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, the Elie and Suzy Horn Foundation, the Belzberg Foundation and other organizations. Program participants are required to provide a co-payment.

Goals and Objectives

  • Strengthen Jewish and Israeli identity of high school students from repatriated families.
  • Inspire and further motivate high school students from the FSU to serve in the IDF.
  • Deepen the connection of recent immigrants to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel and to enhance their sense of civic duty.
  • Ensure close interaction between immigrant students and native Israeli students.
  • Prepare a Russian-speaking cadre of leaders and informal Jewish educators.
  • Increase academic performance of high school students.

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