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Mahut International

Mahut International

Project Mahut was launched by Genesis Philanthropy Group in 2010, along with Beit Morasha of Jerusalem and the Israeli Education and Youth Corps of the IDF.

The program brings delegations of senior IDF officers to leading Russian-speaking Jewish communities. Every delegation is comprised of 15 senior IDF officers, while about 2/3 of them are Russian-speaking.

The focus of the program is on Russian-speaking officers who represent mid-level command staff in the IDF. During their visits, the officers meet with local Jewish leadership, students, youth, and Jewish veterans of WWII. In frame of the mission the officers explore the heritage and culture of local Jewish community, discover their views on Jewish identity and develop personal contacts. The project allows officers to form a stronger connection to the Jewish people through significant common experience. Participation in the mission increases their national pride and their motivation to meaningful service in the IDF.

A delegation of IDF officers visited Lithuania and Latvia in November and December 2014. Twenty high-rank officers took part in this program — 15 had moved to Israel in childhood; five others command units with a high number of Russian-speaking soldiers. Participants represented a range of army corps — intelligence, navy, infantry, high tech, staff and education units. The head of the delegation was Colonel Yuri Bronshtein. The officers met with representatives from the Jewish community in Vilnius, took part in a memorial ceremony in the Rumbula forest, and generally learned about Jewish history in the Baltics. Each day ended with discussion and sharing of experiences.

In 2011, the project was renamed Mahut International and was brought under a unified umbrella of programs that support educational projects for the IDF. The Mahut International project is supported by partnership of Beit Morasha of Jerusalem, Friends of the IDF and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Motivate of Russian-speaking IDF officers to choose long-term military careers.
  • Encourage personal connections between IDF commanders and the Jewish Diaspora.
  • Strengthen ties between Israel and Russian-speaking Jewish communities.

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