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Mahut in Israel

Mahut in Israel

Mahut in Israel is a new element of the Mahut program (Hebrew for 'essence'), which became a separate project in 2011 as part of the unified initiative to support educational programs for the IDF.

Between 30 and 50 participants are selected from among Russian-speaking IDF officers. Traveling to various parts of Israel throughout the year and studying the history and culture of the country, they explore their roots and their Jewishness from four different points of view: as representatives of the Jewish people, as citizens of the State of Israel, as IDF soldiers and as Russian-speaking Jews.

Mahut in Israel is supported by Beit Morasha of Jerusalem, Friends of the IDF and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Motivate Russian-speaking IDF officers to choose a long-term military careers.
  • Enhance the Jewish and Israeli identity of the IDF top command by strengthening ties with the State of Israel.

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