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Machanaim Community Center

Machanaim Community Center

One of the goals of the Machanaim Russian-Jewish Education Center is to create and actively support several local communities of Russian-speaking Israelis.

Projects involve both immigrants and native Israelis, and facilitate the socialization and engagement of Russian-speaking immigrants into Israeli public life. Participants learn about the country's contemporary culture, values, and traditions.

In 2012, a grant from Genesis Philanthropy Group supported a series of Shabbatons in participating Russian-speaking communities, as well as educational tours of Israel. These new elements of the Machanaim program allowed immigrants to learn about the history and cultural heritage of Israel and the Jewish people.

During 2013-2014, an additional and equally important component of project activities will include educational shows and inter-communal educational and social events.

The educational activity component includes events such as communal holiday celebrations, pre-holiday workshops, and a variety of cultural family educational events within the community (or combining several communities). For example, the educational shows are usually held on the eve of Jewish holidays and are offered for the whole family. Most shows lead to passionate intergenerational discussions on Jewish topics among the participants.


Goals and Objectives

  • Change the process of integrating Russian-speaking immigrants (both new and long-term residents) – from a pragmatic approach to one based on Jewish values and social and public involvement.
  • Introduce recent immigrants to the State of Israel, Judaism, Jewish culture and Jewish heritage in their native language and through communal involvement.

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