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Limmud FSU in Israel

Limmud FSU in Israel

Limmud is a yearly educational, cultural and entertainment event aimed at a wide Jewish audience. Limmud seminars, conferences and festivals have been organized around the world for more than 25 years.

Limmud FSU is a program aimed at Jewish youth from the former Soviet Union who wish to restore and strengthen Jewish communities and culture in their home countries. Program participants attend seminars, lectures, workshops, art classes and group discussions on various subjects.

The Limmud FSU festival is the key event of the program. It allows participants to expand their knowledge of Jewish culture and philosophy, and to discuss the newest social and political trends and issues of interest and concern to Jewish communities all over the world.

The Limmud FSU festivals are organized by a group of volunteers and supported by a number of foundations and organizations.

With financial support from Genesis Philanthropy Group, the 2008 program benefited from the participation of the Israeli soldiers who also took part in the Nativ project. Genesis Philanthropy Group also supported the training of volunteers involved in the project in 2009.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Revive traditions of Jewish education.
  • Strengthen Jewish identity of young Russian-speaking Jews.
  • Popularize Jewish cultural values.
  • Develop participants' interest in Jewish traditions.

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