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Jewish Holidays for "Newbies"

Jewish Holidays for "Newbies"

Jewish Holidays for "Newbies" is an educational program for young, Israeli Russian-speaking families, focused on Jewish holidays and Jewish culture, adapted for early childhood ages.

The program includes five family activities — celebrations of the main Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Tu B'shevat and Purim) — combined with interactive educational events emphasizing the symbols and meanings of each holiday.

In addition, all participants receive a family-focused bilingual brochure for further learning about each event. Each brochure focuses on the traditions of a specific Jewish holiday and covers ways to celebrate it at home, with popular games, songs and even recipes for a fun family activity. All project materials are available online and are offered Russian-speaking families in Israel and abroad. The material can also be used by educators for Russian-speaking children.

An additional component of the project is the development of a volunteers network. Throughout the project, staff encourage parents to get involved in preparations and the events themselves. During the year, the staff and the volunteers participate in three training and education meetings.

Goals and objectives

  • Strengthen sense of belonging and connection of participants' families to the Jewish and Israeli cultural heritage by creating a rich and instructive family experience.
  • Develop an innovative working model of family holidays for Russian-speaking families with small children.
  • Create a positive experience in Jewish knowledge and Jewish "year cycle" events, which will serve as a bridge to bring those values and knowledge into families' own homes.
  • Create a database of educational family-oriented materials to be provided to different families in the following years, serving as a basis for celebrating holidays at home. The materials will be also presented on the project website, for educator and parent use.


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