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Jerusalem Media Conference for Russian-speaking Journalists and Bloggers

Jerusalem Media Conference for Russian-speaking Journalists and Bloggers

Popular leaders of the Russian-speaking media, with Jewish roots, who live and work in the FSU and in Europe, were invited to a conference which has aimed at exposing the participants to today's Israel.

Its various nuances, trends, and the reasons behind its accomplishments has enlightened them about the complex challenges which Israel had so successfully overcome, as well as those still waiting for her in the years to come.

Goals and objectives

  • Encourage participants to rise in their blogs, TV and radio themes and content related tomodern Israel, its challenges and achievements as well as Jewish world dilemmas.
  • Expose participants to the rich life of modern Israel and impress upon them the accomplishments as well as the challenges the Israeli society is facing in order to cultivate and promote the pride in their Jewish identity and culture.
  • Offer participants an opportunity to meet and engage with Israeli colleagues, both Russian and non-Russian speakers, in order to develop professional and personal Jewish international network focused on Israel, the Jewish world and its challenges.
  • Reach the participants' media platform's large community of unaffiliated Russian speaking Jews all over the world with topics focused on Israel and the global Jewish community.

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