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Israel’s New Impulse Project

Israel’s New Impulse Project

Israel's New Impulse Project, which began in 2003, is a joint initiative of three organizations: the Impulse School, the Yaakov Herzog Center for the Study of Judaism, and the Atid Bamidbar, a non-profit organization.

The project is based on a new model of teaching Russian-speaking Israeli children between the ages of 5 and 15. A number of school subjects and extra-curricular events are supplemented by topics of Jewish culture, history and traditions.

The project also resulted in the publication of eight handbooks on Jewish holidays in the Russian language, two independent seminars and a number of seminars and lectures for teachers in Israeli schools.

Israel's New Impulse project is generously supported by the UJA-Federation of New York, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Legacy Foundation, the Avi Chai Foundation and, since 2009, Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Strengthen Jewish identity of Russian-speaking Israeli children through exposure of their families to Jewish and Israeli culture.
  • Increase teachers' knowledge about Jewish holidays, traditions and culture.
  • Assist teachers in integrating this knowledge effectively into school curricula.
  • Create teaching materials with Jewish and Israeli components which can be used alongside existing curricula.

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