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Ghetto Fighters Museum

Ghetto Fighters Museum

For many years, the Ghetto Fighters' House (GFH) Museum has engaged in broad-based and in-depth educational work with children and youth from different sectors of Israeli society.

In addition to the strengths of the museum as an institution, it is an educational center specializing in Character Education (values oriented education) as it is reflected within the Holocaust topics taught. Working with the museum are earnest and highly qualified education professionals experienced at successfully transmitting historical knowledge through diverse didactic methods that employ investigation and discussion of penetrating questions.

The project is designed for secondary school age children (Grades 9 to 11) to visit the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum for a special daylong study program. It takes place throughout the year with majority of programming in the spring, when Israel marks Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day.

The project offers a daylong educational program at the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum. The program combines a guided tour of one or two museum exhibitions with interactive workshops featuring texts, testimonies, films, and materials from the GFH historical archives. The focus of the tour and workshops is on individual men and women, including the Soviet Red Army fighters, partisans, and others who with personal heroism engaged in the daily struggle to preserve their humanity. The participants explore in-depth, the stories of these individuals in the context of the general historical background presented to them. They become acquainted with each of these individuals as they dealt with challenges and obstacles that confronted them.

Goals and objectives

  • Educate Israeli secondary-school children about the Holocaust of Soviet Jewry;
  • Provide an opportunity to work with GFH archival materials and the Archives staff;
  • Provide young immigrants born in the FSU, and the children of FSU immigrants, supportive information about their Jewish heritage and identity;
  • Boost participants' understanding of the ethical dilemmas and psychosocial circumstances faced by the USSR's Jews and non-Jews during and after the Holocaust;
  • Build reciprocal understanding among pupils from different origins.

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