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Genealogy Project

Genealogy Project

The Genealogy Project was developed by the Am Hazikaron Institute in 2008. The project gives young people who come to Israel on the Birthright Israel program an opportunity to learn about significant events in Jewish history and to explore the place of their respective families in the larger historical context of Jewish people.

Participants fill out a questionnaire about their parents when applying for the Taglit program. Upon arrival in Israel, young people participate in a genealogy seminar that offers an exploration of their family histories. Each participant receives a document which explains the meaning and etymology of their last names (or the last names of their closest Jewish relatives) and contains information regarding the place of residence of the bearers of this particular last name at the end of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Some participants are also presented with original documents concerning their family history.

Close to 5,000 people from 228 Birthright Israel groups have participated in various forms of the project since 2008.

The educational component developed as part of the Genealogy Project has now become an integral part of the Taglit program for Russian-speaking participants. A similar component is being developed for participants from other countries.

The project was implemented in collaboration with Genesis Philanthropy Group, Taglit-Birthright Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Ezra USA, Nativ and Hillel.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Help young Jews who live outside of Israel overcome challenges in developing their Jewish identity by connecting their family histories with the common history of the Jewish People.
  • Introduce program participants to the centuries-old history of the Jewish people.

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