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Bible Lands Museum

Bible Lands Museum

The program emphasizes Jewish cultural aspects in their historical connections throughout time, from Biblical Period to modern Israel and through their relevance to modern Jewish Identity and to the Russian culture.

The subject chosen to highlight these elements is writing and language.

The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem (BLMJ) is the ideal venue for this content. Utilizing the artifacts on display in the gallery as a foundation for understanding the link between ancient and contemporary, all within the framework of broadening Jewish identity and a connection to the land of Israel. The Ancient Near East and the inter-cultural connections that took place here are the roots of the greatest elements of civilization today such as monotheism, writing, law and so much more. By hosting the program at the BLMJ we strengthen the Jewish identity of young adults from the Former Soviet Union through the vast historical and cultural perspective the museum offers.

Goals and objectives

  • Know and learn the Ancient writings.
  • Study Alphabetic writing and its development until the modern era.
  • Focus on Hebrew writing and its historical significance.
  • Understand how Cyrillic writing developed within this historical sequence.
  • Identify remnants of language and expressions from past cultures in today's Russian.
  • Identify usage of these cultural sources in Russian culture and Jewish Russian culture.
  • Understand the identity elements and their role in present time.
  • Evoke a sense of belonging within the participants to their cultural roots.
  • Help them realize that they are also deeply rooted in the cultural history of the land of Israel.

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