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Beit Midrash for Journalists

Beit Midrash for Journalists

Beit Midrash for Journalists saw the Gesher Educational Center organize weekly meetings for leading representatives of Israeli mass media in the form of the Beit Midrash – the traditional Jewish form of learning.

Under the active guidance of experienced leaders, Israeli journalists learned about and discussed various religious topics. The Russian-speaking participants, already knowledgeable in politics, economics and the arts, enriched their general expertise through the study and interpretation of key Jewish religious texts, and expanded their knowledge of Jewish culture. Through their professional affiliations, project participants can now disseminate this knowledge among a wider Russian-speaking audience.

The participation of Russian-speaking journalists was fully funded by Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Goals and objectives 

  • Enhance Jewish self-identification of Russian-speaking Israeli journalists who can influence public opinion.
  • Provide an opportunity for a dialogue between two socially different groups of journalists: Russian-speaking Israelis and native Israelis.
  • Empower Russian-speaking journalists to popularize Jewish cultural and religious values among Russian-speaking audiences.

Current Grants

Past Grants