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Lo Tishkach

The Lo Tishkach educational project is part of a larger Lo Tishkach initiative for surveying and preserving Jewish cemeteries and information about them in the FSU and Eastern Europe. The project, supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group, was implemented between 2008 and 2011. More than 1,200 youth and young adults, aged 16 to 30, from various Jewish organizations in Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania took part.

The project included 60 seminars and training sessions to introduce Jewish history and culture, and teach information collection techniques to prepare participants for trips to cemeteries and mass graves. It resulted in the collection of new and updated information on the locations and conditions of 366 cemeteries in Ukraine and 650 cemeteries and mass graves in Latvia and Lithuania. That work subsequently led to the development of an open electronic database.

More than 5,000 people attended exhibitions and presentations given by participants in Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. In addition, a special educational program was offered to school teachers.