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In July 2009, the Institute of Informal Education (INO) organized IsraCampus, the first Jewish overnight camp in Israel. Since then, 120 children from Russian-speaking Israeli families have attended the camp. The camp is organized into six groups, each specialized in theater, advertising, literature, design, dance or journalism.  

Since summer 2010 IsraCampus has become an international summer camp within the educational project "Rimon". Since then, over 500 children from Russian-speaking families from Israel, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Latvia and others took part in the camp. In summer 2012, IsraCampus accomplished its 4th year of the program with 140 children both from Israel and the FSU.

IsraCampus is a camp, based on the principles of role-playing. It operates on the democratic self-leadership components established by the participants, who learn to study and investigate in a framework of art based faculties. Development of participant's self-identification is based on his or her own experience in a process where youth get acquainted with Israel and the Jewish-Israeli culture.

The camp is structured in six faculties specializing in theater, advertising, literature, design, dance and journalism. During these specialized sessions, children have an opportunity to learn about their Jewish cultural heritage within these chosen fields.

Additionally, during the camp sessions they met with Israeli cultural leaders, attend various historical and cultural sites, theaters and museums and went on exciting hikes.

In summer 2013, IsraCampus will work again as an independent international summer camp, hosting over 120 teenagers with Russian-Jewish background from Israel, FSU and other countries.