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Holocaust Studies

  • Grant period: 2007->>

The Holocaust (the Shoah) is one of the central moments in the history of the Jewish people that has had a profound impact on Jewish and Israeli identity over several generations of Jews. The lack of knowledge about general Jewish history, as well as the causes, victims and consequences of the Shoah creates challenges for Russian-speaking Jews around the world as they form their Jewish identity.

Genesis Philanthropy Group supports various projects whose goal is to study the Holocaust and disseminate knowledge and information which can facilitate Holocaust Education around the world. Since 2008, the GPG has provided support for the following projects in Israel and the former USSR.

Goals and Objectives 

  • Disseminate knowledge about the Shoah among Russian-speaking Jews in the world.
  • Develop special educational programs for the study of the Holocaust history.
  • Strengthen the Jewish identity of Russian-speaking Israelis through the study of the Holocaust and the heroism of the Jewish people.
  • Develop innovative methods for working with teenagers and young adults to prevent and minimize neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic attitudes among youth.
  • Invest in the preservation of Jewish heritage.