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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

Vitebsk Purim Spiel Festival

Vitebsk Purim Spiel Festival

Purimshpil Festival is an annual 3-day theatre contest for young people from the Former Soviet Union region, Israel and other countries, held in the spring, since 1994.

During the Festival, teams from different cities, countries, and Jewish organizations take part in music competitions, educational events and the main contest of Purim sketches.

In 2013 Genesis Philanthropy Group supported the Festival in several ways: funding main organizational needs of the event; providing a new master-class from a famous Russian actor Igor Pekhovich and supporting the participation of an Israeli team, who won both – the music and the theatre contests.

In 2014 GPG supported the 20th anniversary of the Festival by providing support for participation of an Israeli team, printing of a souvenir book of the festival, and other components of the event.

In 2015 GPG supported the 21th Purim Spiel Festival with several master-classes in acting by the actor Gennadiy Fomin, in choreography by Anastasia Mahova and in “The creation of an artistic image” by Svetlana Davidenko. A special guest –famous Russian actor Mark Rozovsky from the Moscow At Nikitskie Gates Theatre – has also made a great impact on an image of the festival by giving a recital and participation in a Purim Spiel Gala-Concert.

GPG has also supported the performance of the moderators of the Israeli morning TV-program “Good morning, Israel” - Ilya Akselrod and Anna Rozina,

Goals and objectives

  • Bring together young Jews from different countries
  • Develop the creative potential of Jewish youth by sharing experience in music, education and other spheres of professional interests
  • Popularize Jewish traditions and culture
  • Promote Jewish knowledge among the larger audience

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