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Photography Exhibition: “People Without a Title”

Photography Exhibition: “People Without a Title”

“People without a Title” is a photo exhibit about uncommon Jewish professions.

There are many “hidden” professions within the world of work, such as a pizza cook or sushi chef in a restaurant, a greenskeeper at a golf course, or a tea-tester in a tea factory.

Within Jewish culture, these “hidden” jobs include a mashgiach, who inspects and supervises kosher standards, or a shochet, who slaughters animals according to Jewish law. These professions each have their own cultures, rich with significance and meaning.

“People without a Title” is a photo exhibit about these hidden, uncommon Jewish professions. Each image shows a person in their work, and includes a job description and their personal story.

Goals and objectives

  • Provide Russian-speaking Jews with an opportunity to express themselves by introducing these less common professions
  • Increase the knowledge of Jewish culture, history and traditions among Jewish communities, and to a broader audience that may also be interested

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