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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

Lviv KLezFest 2015

Lviv KLezFest 2015

Genesis Philanthropy Group is supporting the Lviv KLezFest 2015, an annual charity festival of Klezmer music, song, and dance aimed at reviving the lost musical culture of Jews living in Galicia.

Festival attendees and participants will have the opportunity to enjoy music by prominent Klezmer groups, workshops, master classes, literary soirees, theatrical events, and interactive lectures, as well as dance bands and family choirs from Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Israel, Germany, Poland, France, and Sweden. During the main concert, bands will sing not only in Yiddish, but also in the different languages their respective countries.

Goals and Objectives

  • Bring together a diversity of young Jews from around the world
  • Encourage creativity among Jewish youth through music, education and other interests
  • Popularize Jewish traditions and culture among Jewish youth
  • Promote Jewish knowledge among the general population

Current Grants

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