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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

Ledor Vador

Ledor Vador

From January to December 2009, Kiev's Progressive Judaism community implemented the Ledor Vador (Hebrew for "from generation to generation") project with financial support from Genesis Philanthropy Group. The target audience was young families with children who had previously participated in two communal programs – Family Sunday School and Kindergarten.

The project included two three-day seminars organized as Shabbatons. Each seminar brought together 40 people for lessons on the essence of Shabbat. The project also organized a seven-day family camp for 60 young Jewish adults and their children. Participants took part in various events and socialized in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance Jewish identity and develop creative and leadership potential of young Ukrainian Jews.
  • Strengthen Jewish families by enhancing their understanding of Jewish family values.
  • Find new ways to encourage these families to be more financially active in communal events.

This grant is a part of Grassroots annual competition, organized by Genesis Philanthropy Group and UJA-Federation of New York. The goal of the competition is to discover and support the best local initiatives aimed at the revival of Jewish identity, the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and the development of socially active Jewish communities. 

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