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Grants in the Former Soviet Union

Development of Youth Initiatives in St. Petersburg

Development of Youth Initiatives in St. Petersburg

In 2009, the North-West Jewish Charity Society and Genesis Philanthropy Group jointly funded the establishment of a youth resource center to support Jewish youth initiatives in St. Petersburg and other cities in the northwest region of Russia.

Support was provided for three interconnected activities of the center:

  • The Nostalgia program, offering a series of seminars, meetings and training for active members of the Jewish community;
  • The Jewish Business Club project, which organized discussions, symposiums and seminars for young adults not yet involved in Jewish organizations;
  • The KREM Charity Actions, which organized a series of charity events and lotteries. The project also organized training sessions and other educational events for project volunteers.

The project is supported jointly by Genesis Philanthropy Group and the L.A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in the Diaspora.

This grant is a part of Grassroots annual competition, organized by Genesis Philanthropy Group and UJA-Federation of New York. The goal of the competition is to discover and support the best local initiatives aimed at the revival of Jewish identity, the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and the development of socially active Jewish communities. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Expand the Jewish communities of St. Petersburg.
  • Involve Jewish young adults (ages 25 to 35) in the active life of the community.
  • Support youth initiatives in Jewish education and charity work.


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