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Akhdus Project

Akhdus Project

The project is aimed at creating and developing a culture of mutual support within the local Jewish community, so that everyone feels a sense of responsibility for others and willingness to provide help.

This grant is a part of "Volunteering. Community. Tkikun Olam" competition, organized by Genesis Philanthropy Group and UJA-Federation of New York.

The goal of the competition is to connect unaffiliated Jewish youth and young Jewish adults who are interested in resolving social issues and interested in volunteering to Jewish community and strengthen Jewish community by engaging in volunteering those who are already part of it.

Goals and Objectives

  • To collect and motivate a target group for the project.
  • To create a coordinating body to help project participants implement the volunteering activities.
  • To maintain the motivation of volunteers; attract new people to the project, and develop a culture of helping one another.

Current Grants

Past Grants