Message from Chairman

Gennady Gazin

Genesis Philanthropy Group

Russian-speaking Jews around the world comprise a unique community of people with a common culture, language and heritage. One of the most critical challenges for the Jewish community is to find ways to engage them, to ensure that they value their Jewish heritage, are proud of who they are and continue to contribute to the Jewish narrative for generations to come.

Caring for others, readiness to help and willingness to support those in need have always been – and remain today – basic tenets of Judaism. For centuries, Jewish history and culture have challenged each of us to do good deeds, to strive for success and to improve the lot of others.

The Genesis Philanthropy Group is dedicated to sustaining Jewish culture, and to providing support to those who share our values, principles and goals.

We are convinced that the younger generation of Russian-speaking Jews, provided with the knowledge and the spirit of Jewish traditions, will carry the essence of Jewish heritage into the future.

We hope that our work not only supports existing initiatives, but also inspires innovation and creativity, strengthening and preserving the Jewish community around the world.

Gennady Gazin,
Genesis Philanthropy Group